Jan 30. 2023

A.V.A Global Dev Letter - January 2023

Mercenaries! We are very excited to present to you the first developer letter of 2023.Through this letter, we would like to introduce you to the major updates that will be made...




We are very excited to present to you the first developer letter of 2023.

Through this letter, we would like to introduce you to the major updates that will be made next week. 

This update is full of amazing news, including new modes, new content, and more!

New Mode - Fight Against the New Enemy!

As the first update in 2023, we have added a new mode - Infection - to provide gamers with a more diverse gameplay experience. 

In this new "Infection" mode, you will face a whole new enemy that you have never met in A.V.A Global before.


This will provide you with an intensive gaming experience as well as a completely new gameplay style.

"Infection" is a mode in which one of the players becomes an infected monster and tries to infect all the humans.

The infected can win if they successfully infect all the humans, and the humans can win if they defeat all the infected monsters.

Please look forward to this new mode, as it is a specially reworked "Infection Mode," only for A.V.A global.

New System - Skin Combination System


We'd like to introduce you to the Skin Combination System for the first time, a new endeavor by A.V.A Global that will be implemented via an update next week!

This content is an entirely new in-game system you have not seen before, and we are confident that it will provide you with a wider variety of gameplay experiences.

Shooting is the most crucial part of playing A.V.A Global, as it is the core content and a vital element of the game.

Therefore, we strive to provide users with the most choices and opportunities to offer them the most diversified shooting experiences possible.


The new Skin Combination system will provide users with an entirely new experience, allowing them to utilize less-used or redundant skins to obtain new skins efficiently.

New Battlefield - South American Server Open

The following significant change this update is bringing is the opening of the "South American" Server.

We plan to open a new server in this update to improve the gameplay environment for South American users.

Through this enhancement, Ava Global will be accessible to a broader range of users, resulting in a more stable and enjoyable gaming environment.

Weapon Balancing - Various Options & Enjoyable Shooting Play

A.V.A Global has added several modes so far, and elements like map changes/additions and varied classes allow users to experience weapon balance in different ways.

We are continuously thinking about balancing weapons to give users a better overall shooting experience, which is A.V.A Global's core content.

Following the last weapon balancing, another significant balancing patch will also be made this time.


To further broaden the players' choices, we rebalanced some sniper weapons.

First, Armour Piercing will be altered for M1903, X24, and Silver Arrowbis, and the ATK and Range of M1903 will be adjusted in accordance with the balance work.

Silver Arrowbis and X24's One-Shot Kill chances will be increased to make the game more user-friendly.


While preserving the unique elements of A.V.A Global, we'll keep giving users additional opportunities to enjoy using a variety of weapons and providing realistic and varied gameplay experiences.

Ultimately, this Balance Update aims to provide more engaging shooting play experiences by maximizing diversity and making the game more enjoyable.

New Skins & Weapons

Similar to the previous update, various skins will also be added through this update.


Please pay close attention since MA-74M and WCX-SBR will also be added as new base weapons, along with a Valentine's Day limited skin and new skins to celebrate the update.

Thank you.


Your A.V.A Global Development Team

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